Planned Features for SCCM

Quick post today but I need to get his blog going, right?  Microsoft has announced Technical Preview 2 and a rather predictable list of features that will be in the next build which all center around the new Windows 10 OS.  While you are more than welcome to follow the link yourself and see what Microsoft has posted, I found something else I think is much more interesting and worth posting about.

A little while back the SCCM team asked for suggestions on features consumers would like to see in upcoming versions of SCCM.  This included the ability to vote on good ideas as well as comment on them.  I went back to this site today and noticed some ideas have a new status under them:  planned.

Well this *is* news.  While no timeline or details have been given as to when or how, I thought it would be nice to list the ideas that the SCCM team has at least temporarily put on their plate.  So below is the current consolidated list of “planned” user suggestions that MS/SCCM team appears to be pursuing, in order of votes:

While my arguments to convert the console and update the AppCatalog into HTML5 interfaces was simply marked as noted (here’s to hoping those change to planned as well), the three above are very good news, especially the third one.  Traditionally it’s been the job of SCO runbooks to make sure cluster patching was handled right which is, for better or worse, a non-starter pre-requisite for a lot of clients.  This will help bring a clear value of SCCM to the patching space.

Again:  there’s no timeline to any of this, merely a simple status update that gets me excited and hoping it’s sooner rather than later.


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